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gealach rós ッ
Interests: (65)
albion, alexander vlahos, angel coulby, anthony head, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, balinor, bbc merlin, bbc one, bradley james, bradley/colin, camelot, cheekbones of doom, colin morgan, crown prince, dragon, dragon lord, druids, eoin macken, excalibur, freya, gaius, gorgeous girls, gratuitous shirtless scenes, guinevere, gwaine, gwaine/leon, gwen, hunith, katie mcgrath, kilgarrah, king arthur, king uther, lady of the lake, lancelot, leon, magic, manservant, merlin, merlin bbc, merlin nbc, merlin syfy, merlin!love, merlin/arthur, merlinxarthur, mordred, morgana, morgause, nekkerchief, nimueh, pendragon, porn, prat, pretty boys, prince arthur, queen guinevere, richard wilson, round table knights, rupert young, santiago cabrera, the old religion, unicorns, uther, uther pendragon, ygraine

gealach rós
wibbly wobbly time-y wimey... whatever!
favourite guys
Bradley James
Tyler Hoechlin
Colin Morgan
Rupert Young

fandoms & likes
Merlin, Teen Wolf [active fandoms]
US TV: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Almost Human, Arrow, BatB, Bomb Girls, Breaking Bad, Elementary, Grimm, OUaT, OUaTiW, PoI, Suits, Castle, Hannibal, H50, GoT, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, Tomorrow People, Vikings
UK TV: Call the Midwife, Miranda, Ripper Street, Silk, Lewis, DiP, SCD, Doctor Who
Period Dramas & Old German Movies
Billy Wilder

other interests
the internet & computers
the girl
from Germany
favourite cities London, Stockholm
would like to live/work in the UK or Ireland
likes travelling (UK, Sweden, Australia, Ireland)
(internet) research is fun


unlimited possibilites <-> limited money

born on Christmas Eve (I'm over 21)
green eyed ginger

user name
Irish Gaelic
gealach = moon | rós = rose
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