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11th-Oct-2023 12:01 am - mainly - friends - only
xTeenWolf Tyler ❤

manip by me ~ pics © BBC/Shine Ltd.

Welcome to my mostly Merlin and Teen Wolf related LJ, I hope you'll enjoy your stay. :D

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Note: Some content of this journal might not be appropriate minors, whereever necessary I'll add warnings and ratings.
xTeenWolf Dylan/Tyler Revelations

tw_fallharvest - Sign-ups open on Sunday, August 31

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Sign-ups open SUNDAY, August 31! 10AM EDT // 2PM GMT // 3PM BST
BJ salute
thernohcharity Wishing @ripple_p @James_Phelps @Mattdavelewis @RupertFYoung @BradleyJames all the very best for Sunday’s David Holmes Cricket Cup! [tweet from Aug 20th]

Yes that's #bradleyjames #fangirlmoment [pic posted on Aug 24th]

According to his shirt, Bradley played for Team Gryffindor again, no info whether the team won/lost (they always won in previous years) or if Rupert was also there. On the website of the David Holmes Cricket Cup, pictures of Bradley and Rupert Young with actors of the Harry Potter movies franchise from previous years can be found.

L to R: [2011] Rupert [2012] Bradley & Rupert [2013] Bradley & Rupert [unknown year] Bradley & Rupert
Adetomiwa Edun, featuring Geraldine Chaplin

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Alex Vlahos, featuring a shriek

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Bradley James, featuring UTTER SILLINESS

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Bradley challenged Katie McGrath to do the challenge, I hope we'll see her soon!

Emilia Fox, featuring a flower-y dress(ing gown)

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Eoin Macken, featuring resourcefulness in the heat of Mozambique

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Tom Hopper, featuring a shovel (?!!)

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Anthony Head, featuring a dapper suit

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Another Merlin alum, Joe Dempsie, featuring a mop

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Bradley also mentioned the following UK charities:
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity World Cancer Research Fund Age UK

2014 Fantasy Football Draft - Done. The @kate_abdo trophy now sits proudly on the mantelpiece. #QuestfortheShiva
BJ A&M finger puppets

Blu-Ray: Merlin: The Complete Series Blu-ray
BBC Home Entertainment is bringing Merlin: The Complete Series to Blu-ray this fall in a 16-disc box set. BBC One's fan-favorite fantasy series is an adaptation of the King Arthur legends and stars Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Richard Wilson, John Hurt and Anthony Head. The Complete Series is set to arrive on November 4th. Amazon is already accepting pre-orders.

Synopsis: A thrilling retelling of the fabled Arthurian legend, Merlin has amassed a cult-following over five action-packed seasons. The mythical city of Camelot is a fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious peoples. In this dangerous world, magic has been banned by the ruthless tyrant, Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head). When Merlin (Colin Morgan), a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers, arrives in the kingdom, he quickly makes enemies, including Prince Arthur (Bradley James), the headstrong heir to Uther's crown. Guided by Uther's wise physician, Gaius (Richard Wilson), Merlin learns to use his powers, not only to survive, but also to unlock Camelot's mystical secrets.

Along the way, Merlin encounters dangerous foes, murderous monsters, and powerful sorcerers and discovers that his destiny and that of the kingdom's young leader in waiting, Arthur, are inextricably linked. Featuring thrilling storylines based on the Arthurian legend, white-knuckle stunts, terrifying CGI monsters and a dragon voiced by the legendary John Hurt.

Merlin's fourth and fifth seasons have already been released on Blu-ray in North America. Seasons 1-3 are coming to BD for the first time.

Tech specs and complete special features have yet to be revealed.

A release date has not been announced either, the Blu Ray box can be preordered at, though.
At this point it's not clear if a Region 2 Blu Ray Complete Box will be released.
BJ A&M stairs

This year's Merlin Big Bang started posting at aftercamlann! ♥
EoinMackenBlogspot: Kingdom Of Scars - A Novel
In September 2012 I published a blog with a chapter from a book I was attempting to write. I had begun writing it in anecdotal form in the year or two prior but was hesitant to continue. Maybe it was just a bit crap and I should steer clear of prose. I had just started writing on this blog and was exploring the possibilities of what blogging could do. I'd never given my fictional writing that wasn't a screenplay to anybody before and didn't know who I should start with. What if I gave it to a friend or colleague and they hated it, or I had to hound them and then got embarrassed. Then I looked at my blog and said fuck it and I posted a very early chapter to see what the reaction was....

Continue reading at Eoin's blog.

The book will be released on September 21st, it can be preordered at AmazonUK.

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[sourcery 1 | sourcery 2]
xTeenWolf Dylan/Tyler purple shirts

tw_fallharvest - a fall fanfiction and art exchange for Teen Wolf fandom. Sign-ups open Aug 31!

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Sign-ups open SUNDAY, August 31! 10AM EDT // 2PM GMT // 3PM BST
XMerlin KMG Dates
Katie voiced both the young woman and the Banshee in this short animated film.

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Great to see @BradleyJames at the Davey Fort on Sat (LR 4 Celebs 8) - looking forward to the return leg in Camden
LymeRegisFC Seasiders select XI narrowly beaten 8-4 by Showbiz XI - wonderful opening goal by chairman though!

Football weekend in Lyme Regis
xMerlin Knights EM Night Shift pirouette
The female-driven comedy The Wedding Invitation, which begins production in Los Angeles in September, has attached Irish star Eoin Macken.

“Eoin Macken is our next George Clooney. He jumps through the screen out at you,” says writer-director Rainy Kerwin.

Macken amassed a huge following while on the hit BBC series Merlin and currently plays Dr. T.C. Callahan in NBC’s The Night Shift, which was just picked up for a second season. But his talents are many. “Eoin is more than just an actor,” Kerwin says. “Eoin gets the independent film scene.” He’s a writer, director, producer and cinematographer whose films have been screened in numerous festivals.

"I'm really excited to be working on a project that champions women," Macken says. "It's a great script and I'm looking forward to working with Rainy and this talented crew."

In The Wedding Invitation, Eoin (pronounced Owen) will be surrounded be a sea of women. Why is that? Because Kerwin and her producing partner Narmar Hanna are looking to change the landscape for women working in Hollywood. They will shoot the film with an entirely female crew.

Their production company, It’s Raining Films, seeks to entertain, inspire and empower women. And it goes beyond the big screen. It’s Raining Films will donate 5% of the profits from the film to 10 women’s charities and organizations, including Glam-a-thon, Glaad, Women In Film, and Women Empowered.

Slated for a 2015 release, The Wedding Invitation is already generating a lot of buzz. The producers have been written up in Gorilla Filmmaking Magazine, Max It Magazine and Indie Reign Magazine, and were interviewed on The Cutting Room Floor podcast as well as in Jennifer Dean's upcoming documentary about female filmmakers.

Kerwin, Hanna and co-producer Sage Scroope plan to roll out the film with a massive social media campaign. “It’s our strength,” Hanna says. “We funded this film through social media and we plan on marketing it through social media.” And with an abundant target audience of women in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s, these lady producers are confident that The Wedding Invitation will do big numbers.

The beautiful and hilarious Chasty Ballesteros (The Newsroom, Think Like a Man Too) has been cast in the role of Nectar. Other actors attached to this ensemble comedy include Nick George (Saving Lincoln) and Alex Sanborn (Love in the Time of Monsters). And Kerwin herself is attached as the smartass best friend. “We’re still casting for our Female Lead,” says Hanna. “We really want somebody who can be a team player, who’s funny, and who wants to inspire women. Luckily we’ve already found that in Eoin. He gets it.”

For more information on The Wedding Invitation, visit

Promo that raised the budget for the film at vimeo.

rainykerwin (director) .@eoincmacken Excited for you to play Graham in @WeddingInvMovie Set is going to be. So. Much. Fun! :-) #goodthings #weddinginvitation
xMerlin Knights EM Night Shift pirouette

HollywoodReporter: NBC Renews 'Night Shift' for Season 2
NBC is extending The Night Shift.

Studio Sony Pictures Television fought for and received a second season for the one-hour medical drama from creators Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The Night Shift renewal comes after the series generated strong showings following NBC's biggest summer draw, America's Got Talent. It will likely return in summer 2015 with a 14-episode order.

The Night Shift has averaged a solid 6.7 million viewers and a 1.4 rating among adults 18-49 since debuting May 27.

Since landing a series order in 2013, The Night Shift has had somewhat of a rocky road. Originally slated for a midseason bow, NBC pushed the series to a less-competitive slot in the summer. It wraps its eight-episode first season July 15.

From studio Sony Pictures Television, the series focuses on the men and women who work the overnight shift in the ER at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey Jr., Jeananne Goossen, J.R. Lemon and Freddy Rodriguez star in the series.

The news comes hours after SPT successfully revived Community — canceled by NBC in May — for a 13-episode sixth season at Yahoo Screen, bringing the Dan Harmon comedy one step closer to fulfilling its unofficial #sixseasonsandamovie mantra. SPT is known for aggressively fighting for its shows, in the past bringing back Damages for two seasons on DirecTV following its FX run and packaging hot property The Blacklist with a fifth season of Community, but the studio isn't always successful. In 2013, SPT failed to bring back ABC's cult comedy Happy Endings for a third season following talks with USA Network.
yTheMusketeers One for All/All for One

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GulfTimes: ‘For me acting is physical’
As a youngster, actor Santiago Cabrera was constantly on the move. His dad was a diplomat and Cabrera figures he spent a third of his life in England, a third in his family’s native Chile and one-third just moving around.
By the time he was 10 he was already fluent in English when the family relocated to London. As he’d attended an American school in their last post in Romania, he spoke with an American accent. “But I was a shy 10-year-old in a new school and I went into ‘British’ in a matter of days just to blend in,” he says in a meeting room of a hotel here in Pasadena, California.

He’s been trying to blend in ever since. “Not necessarily did I ever feel like I fit in,” he says in a clipped British accent. “Even in Chile I’m a bit different because I’ve been living abroad and abroad is something different. I think that’s why there’s comfort in creating characters. You get to explore so many things that you know, aspects that you have, but maybe you don’t use them in real life.”

Cabrera has been plumbing those aspects for 16 years. He’s played the Austrian composer Mozart in Amadeus, the English aristocrat Sir Lancelot in Merlin, the New York artist who paints the future in Heroes, as well as a Cuban guerilla, a Mexican priest, a Hungarian war correspondent and now a dashing French cavalier in BBC America’s The Musketeers.

Cabrera remembers always being an observer. “I hung out with all the guys who got into trouble but I was very shy, so I just watched a lot. Then I would imitate, that’s one of the things I did. When we lived in London you’re fascinated by all the accents you hear and I went to Catholic school so my classmates were all Irish. So when I’d go to their house they’d have the Irish accent so I would imitate a lot.”
His parents would host dinner parties and his dad would wake him and encourage him to show off for the guests. “He’d say, ‘Do a Scottish accent.’ ‘Do an Irish accent.’ I’d go around the whole spectrum.”

Cabrera, 36, was also good at sports, another way of fitting in quickly, he says. In fact he played semi-pro soccer, but says he never considered it as a career. “I make parallels, especially in theatre, which is where I started: the dressing room, the getting dressed together, the teamwork, the rehearsal — all of that is very similar to being in a sport. So straightaway it was like something I’d been doing all my life.
“I do think for me acting is physical. I’ve always approached it from a physical perspective. I love the training. You can intellectualise and sit down, which helps a lot of the time, but at the end of the day you have to get on your feet and do it.”

When he was first starting out he snagged small parts on British television. “I remember one of my first shows was a video game, a motion-capture character and they told me how much they paid me — it was less than 1,000 pounds a day or something but I thought I was rich. ‘Really? For three days’ work? That kind of money?’
“Then you go out and see the real world and you’re grinding every day and you always question it, but when you can do it, it’s the greatest job in the world.”

While he was struggling he pursued a variety of jobs: a bar man, waiter, he even tried to become a professional party planner, but that didn’t fly. His most unique job was pulling a rickshaw.

“Rickshaw driving in London was odd because the clients are drunk people,” he says. “You go to the West End around 7 or 8pm and for the first couple of hours you see the tourists point and think about it, but then they go, ‘No, it’s fine.’ Then when everyone starts boozing, they’re on the rickshaw in two seconds. So it’s kind of funny to see it from the other side ... but it was good money, you can make pretty good money and you stay fit as well.”

Cabrera has been married for nine years to writer-director Anna Marcea. He says they make it a rule to never be apart longer than two weeks — a challenge since his career keeps him flying the friendly skies. “We work it out that whatever trip or whatever project I’m doing, we plan that she’ll either visit or I’ll visit after every two weeks,” he says. They lucked out on The Musketeers. It was filmed in Prague and Marcea accompanied him.

Cabrera plays Aramis, the suave lover of the trio, in The Musketeers. He was the only actor not in Britain when they were casting, so he sent an audition tape playing a sort of generic Musketeer.

“They approached me again and said, ‘We’re interested in you for Aramis.’ And that’s when it really came (to me). I loved it from the get-go but when I saw that character it really spoke to me. I saw a way in, and then it’s always a leap of faith because you can see the potential in it and hope it will go in that direction. And I think everything was better than you could’ve hoped for.
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